Environmental Technology

Together with our partners we offer solutions to create a better environment.

One of the visions of Ferrostaal is to focus on growth markets and develop new businesses with leading technologies . With the global network/serviceplattform which we built up during many years, we find innovative, tailor-made solutions for every requirement and adapt to the local changes and needs. As one of the latest countries to join the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Chile has now to comply with international environmental standards. Thus has led to the implementation of new environmental legislation and the strict control on compliance to these laws. Additionally, public awareness has risen and forces companies nowadays to care more than ever before about their waste┬┤s final destination. All these developments are expected to lead to an significant growth in the Chilean environmental market over the next years. At Ferrostaal we see sustainability as an economically, environmentally and socially valuable action on long-term focus, which we would like to contribute to. With our international renown partners we provide system lines and machineries for the recycling of tyres, cables, electronic equipment/e-scrap, as well as machineries for odor and industrial water treatment.