Integrated transportation systems

Complete transport and systems solutions in the railway and road transportation industry. As a general contractor or consortium leader/-partner we are realizing transportation systems.

Ferrostaal Chile with his long experience is offering the best transport solutions and systems for the railway and rail-bound sector. In individual concepts we assume for our customers the planification, the supply of adecuate equipment, the financing until the commissioning. To provide tailor-made solutions we focus on aspects like technical possibilities, feasability studies, selection of rolling stock, delivery of equipment and systems, modernisation and rehabilitation as well as the after sales service.

Ferrostaal Chile focuses on the supply of railway equipment electric production and service locomotives and railcars for the mining industry as well as spare parts. Our major Achievements/goals in this sector are:

  • Positioning as a main supplier of railway equipment for the mining industry and private railroad companies.
  • Acknowledged as a competent railway equipment maintenance service contractor for the mining industry.
  • Approved as a competent supplier of railway systems and equipment.
  • As an expertise in this field, we are major supplier of the following equipment and systems

    •  Electric Locomotives – Special Applications
    •  Diesel-Electric locomotives
    •  Railcars (tankcars, flatcars, etc.)
    •  Light Rail Vehicles
    •  Passenger Coaches incluiding special purpose units
    •  Freight wagons including special purpose units
    •  Trainsets
    •  Wheel Reprofiling Systems
    • Railway Sleepers
  • We also deliver the following components

    • Motor- and trailing bogies for Freight Cars and other wagons
    • Diesel engines
    • Cooling System
    • Gear boxes
    • Wheels and Wheel tyres
    • Axles and Axle bearings
    • Complete wheel sets
    • Brake sistems
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Railway bogies
    • Couplings (produced according to AAR standards)

We cooperate with international representations like:

  • Schalke: The german company Schalker Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik GmbH develops, designs and manufactures tailor-made rail vehicles (e.g. special application locomotives).
  • Amsted Maxion: More than 65 years, the brasilien company Amsted Maxion is supplying foundry and railway components.
  • Hegenscheidt: Hegenscheidt-MFD is a company of the NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT Group, situated in Chemnitz, Germany and a world market leader in two fields of business. The first production field comprises of surface and underfloor wheelset lathes for reprofiling wheelsets as well as wheelset diagnostic systems and on-rail systems for rail vehicles. The second production division manufacturers fillet deep rolling machines, thrust face and roller burnishing machines, turnbroaching machines and turn-turnskiving machines for the production of crankshafts.