Quality Management

Transparency in processes, structures, responsibilities and tasks

As project managers with global operations on the market for energy and fuels and as operators of a worldwide distribution network, our challenge is to meet the highest standards of quality in our goods and services. We guarantee the reliability of our products and services.

In 2008, we launched a group-wide quality offensive under the name of ‘pacer’ (proposal and contract execution reliability), in which four facets play a role: Content – all regulations, standards and tools of the company; Training – all measures to teach the use of the tools and standards; Awareness – all forms of publications used to communicate the significance of the quality of our work; Acceptance – all undertakings that promote continuous application of these tools and standards by the workforce. The pacer programme will help us meet our obligation to execute projects even more reliably, more efficiently and
more transparently.

Our quality management system applies to the entire Ferrostaal Group and is periodically certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by independent auditors.

  • Sophisticated system

    Our quality management system distinguishes between managerial, core and support processes. Managerial processes serve steering and managing our company. Here, the strategy, planning and targets for the business operation are set out and monitored.

    To this end, we pay particular attention to staff qualifications and risk management. Core processes comprise the actual, value-creating business activity of Ferrostaal. They consist of a system of clearly defined working steps starting with the formulation of the project idea, through the execution of the project, to final after-sales services. Besides project management, contractual and financial management count as some of the most important core processes at Ferrostaal. Support processes combine all activities that guarantee the smooth running of core and managerial processes. Our comprehensive quality management is mirrored in the performance of our products and services: economical, technological, comprehensive; rapid, low-cost realisation, and high product quality.

  • Lived quality culture

    We take our responsibility seriously: planning, implementation, inspection and improvement of our quality management are initiated and controlled by a Quality Management service unit. In addition to this, Process Owners with cross-departmental functions are responsible for key sub-processes within the company. Our Quality Management directly reports to the Chairman of the Executive Board.

    Each and every employee is responsible for adhering to our quality standards. Our system not only enables the lasting securing of our high standards, but also fosters our employees´ creativity, personal responsibility, their motivation and qualification. Because quality management can only be applied successfully with a motivated and responsible workforce.

  • Continuous improvement

    Stagnation equals regression. All workflows and processes in our company are subject to a continuous improvement process - always with an eye on consistent customer - orientation in all business sectors. We are consistently increasing our quality standards through regular internal and external audits and implementation of the improvement potential discovered in these audits. All employees are involved in this process, both at home and abroad. We regard continual personnel development as one of the most important tasks. By doing so we make sure that products and services "made by Ferrostaal" stand for highest quality-now and in future.