Risk Management

The foundation of everything we do

Responsible corporate management for us implies diligence in terms of opportunities and risks. Using opportunities sensibly, recognising potential risks and evaluating them objectively, avoiding or controlling excessive risks - these are the tasks of our sophisticated risk management system.

Especially in large-scale plant construction, but also in the Service division, the responsible handling of opportunities and risks is of crucial importance. A key factor in the sustainable success of our company is transparency and communication concerning risks and opportunities, their identification, assessment and early incorporation in decision-making processes.

  • Risk reporting

    Risk reporting where market know-how is greatest: decentralised in the respective domestic and foreign business units. Thus, every three months risks are recorded locally - based on a standardised risk catalogue - and are analysed with regard to the prospective amount of damage they may cause and their probability of occurring. Simultaneously, operative units assess existing and planned measures and provisions and evaluate these.

  • Project controlling

    A special computer-based project controlling enables monitoring the entire project and order execution. We only work with selected partners who possess tried-and-tested methods and technologies. Subcontractors are regularly put through stringent quality and credit assessments.

  • Finance management

    We are steer and minimising not-insubstantial currency and financing risks with pro-active financing management. Monitoring the world's currency markets, credit checks, cooperation with renowned banks and credit institutions, and intelligent financing concepts are part of our daily business.

  • Human Resources

    We are a think-tank. The foundation of our market values - reliability, innovation, dynamism, openness - is formed by our employees and managers. We counter personnel risks with modern personnel development measures that are tailored to our individual requirements and core activities. For this reason, we place a high value on continuous qualification, in order to strengthen our employees’ innovative capacities and their loyalty to our company.